Cloud Services in SD20


All staff should sign up for GSuite for Education and start using Microsoft OneDrive. Using these services makes your documents and data accessible anywhere, and protects your stuff in case the computer you're using is damaged and needs to be replaced. Upgrades are faster using cloud services because you don't have to wait while your documents and data are transferred to a new machine. On Windows, you can protect your Desktop and Documents folder using OneDrive to automatically move your stuff into the cloud, and can continue to save and open documents in the same locations you use now.

GSuite for Education: Purpose and Limitations

If you sign in to Google Chrome using a GSuite account, it will bring in all your bookmarks, preferences, extensions, and history. We all have to create passwords for multiple web sites and services. Storing them in your GSuite account makes it easy to use your computer, smartphone, Chromebook, and any other device to make sure those settings and information follow you everywhere.

GSuite for Education gives access to additional tools like Google Classroom, and allows for more storage on Google Drive than a free GSuite account. Be aware, though, that not all students have a GSuite account. Because GSuite content is stored on servers outside of Canada, the legal requirements for information disclosure during an investigation by law enforcement is not subject to BC's Privacy act. For this reason, parents must consent before students can have a GSuite account. Additionally, parents are only consenting to name, grade, teacher name, and class name to be stored outside of Canada. Users should not use their Google Drive to store any other private information (birthdates, medical information, etc) and should not even have a document with the name of a student who does not have a GSuite account.

Because of these additional requirements for consent, authorization, and privacy, our GSuite accounts are in a separate domain, so user accounts end with ""

Microsoft OneDrive and Office Online

Documents stored on OneDrive (using your account) are stored inside Canada, meaning that private data is protected by BC's privacy laws. Any staff member or student can sign in to using either (Staff only) or (students only). All staff and students already have an account and can start using it immediately. In addition to OneDrive, your account also has online versions of Microsoft Office applications, a link to download the desktop version of Office, and other great online-only tools like Sway and Teams. OneDrive is already part of Windows 10 and will automatically set itself up when you sign in. Windows 7 and Macintosh users need to do a few extra steps (instructions below).

OneDrive also makes it easier to share documents and collaborate. Individual documents can be shared, whole folders can be synced between groups of people (just like the shared network drives today, except accessible from anywhere), and large files can be shared by sending a link in email, instead of trying to attach gigantic files to email messages (something email was never meant to do and is not very good at).

Getting Started

The following documents should help you get on your way to leveraging cloud services with your SD20 account:

GSuite for Education Signup

Visit and login with your SD20 username and password. Once you agree to the terms, you will be given an account in the format that you can use to sign in to Chrome and other Google Services. Please wait for an email in your inbox to ensure that your account has been created.

Sign In to Chrome and Sync Bookmarks and Passwords

Sign into Google Chrome.pdf (288.6 KiB)

Turn on OneDrive file sync on Windows 10

Access OneDrive on Windows 10.pdf (292.1 KiB)

Turn on OneDrive file sync on Windows 7

Access OneDrive on Windows 7.pdf (492.2 KiB)

Protect your Desktop and Documents with OneDrive

Redirect your personal folders to OneDrive.pdf (416.0 KiB)

Turn on OneDrive file sync on macOS

Access OneDrive on MacOS.pdf (757.9 KiB)

OneDrive: Sync a Folder Shared With You

OneDrive Sync a folder shared with you.pdf (177.2 KiB)

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