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Book A Meeting Room

Meeting rooms are booked using Microsoft Outlook.

To get started, open Outlook on your computer or use Outlook Web.

These instructions are based on the desktop version of Outlook, so Outlook Web users may have a different experience.



Click on the Calendar link. Outlook users click in the lower left. Outlook Web click the app menu in the top left.

Outlook   Outlook Web


To Browse a room calendar and see bookings, add the calendar to your My Calendars or Other Calendars list.

  1. Right Click "My Calendar" or "Other Calendars"

  2. Choose "Add Calendar"

  3. Choose "From Room List"



 Double click the room you want then click "OK"

 You can uncheck other calendars to just look at the room calendar.


Make sure to switch back to your own calendar before you try to book a meeting.

You can only create meetings on calendars you own. Rooms must be invited the same as other people. Click the "New Meeting" button in the ribbon.


Enter a subject name for your meeting in the Title box and make sure the Start and End times and dates are correct.


Use the Scheduling Assistant to help you pick a time for your meeting and add a room. Click "Scheduling Assistant" at the top, then choose "Add Rooms"



Double click the room you want then click "OK"



The rows show each person or room's already booked times and availability. The column shows your proposed meeting time.


Click Send when you are ready to book your meeting.


CRITICAL: Make sure that the room accepts the meeting invite. You will receive a confirmation email within a few moments.


If you try to book the room during a time that is already booked, your meeting will be declined and it will not show up in the room calendar.


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